Social Services Block Grants Tables and Figures

Tables and Figures in CRS Report

The following tables and figures related to the SSBG that can be found in the CRS report section of this Green Book chapter.

94-953: Social Services Block Grant: Background and Funding

Figure 1. HHS Allocation Methodology for the FY2009 SSBG Supplemental Funding

Table 1. Estimated FY2011 SSBG Allotments to States and Territories

Table 2. State Allocations and Spending from the FY2009 SSBG Supplemental

Table 3. SSBG Funding, FY1985-FY2011

Table 4. Total SSBG Expenditures by Service Category, FY2009

Table A-1. TANF Transfers to the SSBG in FY2009

Table B-1. State Spending from the FY2006 SSBG Supplemental

Additional Tables and Figures Related to the SSBG

The following additional tables and figures appear in this section of the Green Book chapter on SSBG.

Figure 10-1. SSBG Annual Appropriations in Nominal Dollars and Constant 2010 Dollars, FY1982-FY2010

Figure 10-2. SSBG Expenditures by Select Service Categories, FY2009

Table 10-1. SSBG Funding Levels, in Nominal Dollars and Constant 2010 Dollars, FY1982-FY2010

Table 10-2. SSBG Allocations by State and Territory, Selected Fiscal Years 1997-2011

Table 10-3. Comparison of the Number of States Offering Selected Services, Fiscal Years 1999-2009

Table 10-4. Use of SSBG Funds by Expenditure Category, Fiscal Years 2001-2009