Supplemental Security Income Tables and Figures

Tables and Figures in CRS Reports

The following tables and figures related to SSI can be found in the CRS reports section of this Green Book chapter.

RL32279: Primer on Disability Benefits: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Table 1. Reasons for SSDI Worker Benefit Termination, 2009

RL33855: Child Welfare: Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits for Children in Foster Care

Table 1. All Children Receiving Social Security and SSI Benefits, March 2010

Table 2. Types of Representative Payees for Children in the SSI Program, December 2009

Table 3. Social Security (SSI and Title II) Benefits as Funding Stream for Child Welfare Spending, FY2006

R41716: Social Security Administration (SSA): Budget Issues

Figure 1. Projected Spending on SSA Programs

Figure 2. SSA Total LAE Budget Authority

Figure 3. New Claims for Social Security and SSI Benefits

Figure 4. SSA Hearings Pending at the End of Each Fiscal Year

Figure 5. SSA Program Integrity Activities

Figure 6. SSA Administrative Budget Requests and Appropriations

94-803: Social Security: Cost-of-Living Adjustment

Table 1. Computation of a Potential Social Security COLA, January 2011

Table 2. History of Social Security Benefit Increases

R40207: Social Security Administration: Workload and Related Issues

Figure 1. Social Security (OASDI) Claims Received, FY2000-FY2009

Figure 2. SSI Claims Received, FY2000-FY2009

Figure 3. SSA Full-Time Equivalent Staff, FY1998-FY2009

Figure 4. Average SSA Productivity

Figure 5. State Disability Determination Service (DDS) Staff, FY2005-FY2010

Figure 6. SSA Administrative Law Judges (ALJs), FY1996-FY2008

Figure 7. SSA Field Offices, FY2000-FY2009

Figure 8. Initial Disability Claims Pending, FY2007-FY2009

Figure 9. Average Processing Time for Initial Disability Claims, FY2000-FY2009

Figure 10. Hearings Pending, FY2000-FY2009

Figure 11. Average Processing Time for Hearings, FY2000-FY2009

Figure 12. Continuing Disability Reviews Processed, FY2004-FY2008

Figure 13. SSI Non-Disability Redeterminations Processed, FY1999-FY2009

Figure 14. SSI and OASDI Overpayments, FY2004-FY2008

Figure 15. SSI and OASDI Underpayment, FY2004-FY2008

Additional Tables Related to Supplemental Security Income

The following additional tables and figures appear in this section of the Green Book chapter on SSI.

Table 3-1. Maximum Income for Eligibility for Federal SSI Benefits, 2011

Table 3-2. Percentage and Total Number of Persons Receiving Federally-Administered Payments by Living Arrangement and Eligibility Category, December 2009

Table 3-3. Comparison of Federal Benefits to Poverty Guidelines for Eligible Individuals Receiving SSI, Selected Years 1975-2010

Table 3-4. Comparison of Federal Benefits to Poverty Guidelines for Eligible Couples Receiving SSI, Selected Years 1975-2010

Table 3-5. Number of Persons Receiving Federally-Administered Payments, Total Amount, and Average Monthly Amount by Source of Payments and Eligibility Category, December 2009
Table 3-6. Number of Recipients of Federally-Administered SSI Payments and Total Payments by State and Eligibility Category, December 2009

Table 3-7. SSI Recipients Under Age 65 by Diagnostic Group, December 2009

Table 3-8. Representative Payee Status of SSI Recipients by Age Group, December 2009

Table 3-9. SSI Recipients Receiving Federally-Administered Payments and Other Income by Type of Income and Age Group, December 2009

Table 3-10. Selected Characteristics of SSI Aged Beneficiaries Receiving Federally-Administered Payments, 2009

Table 3-11. Recipients of Federally-Administered Payments as a Percent of Total Recipients by Age Group, Selected Years 1975-2009

Table 3-12. Total Federally-Administered SSI Payments by State, 2009

Table 3-13. Total Federally-Administered SSI Payments, Selected Years 1974-2009