Trade Adjustment Assistance Tables and Figures

Tables and Figures in CRS Reports

The following tables and figures related to TAA can be found in the CRS reports section of this Green Book chapter.

R41922: Trade Adjustment Assistance and Its Role in U.S. Trade Policy

Appendix.  TAA Reauthorization, 1962-2011

R42012: Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for Workers

Table 1. TAA Group Certification Requirements Under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension Act of 2011

Table 2. TAA Benefits Under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension Act of 2011

Table 3. Petitions and Certifications, FY2003-FY2010

Table 4. Training and Benefit Data for TAA-Certified Workers, FY2003-FY2010

Table 5. Ten Largest Recipients of TAA Training Funds, FY2010

Table 6. Trade Readjustment Allowance Participation and Costs, FY2003-FY2010

Table 7. Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance, FY2003-FY2010

Table 8. Employment Outcomes for TAA Exiters

R40863: Trade Adjustment Assistance for Communities: The Law and Its Implementation

Table 1. Elements EDA will Consider When Evaluating Strategic Plans

Table 2. Authorization and Appropriation Levels for CTAA

Table 3. Authorization Levels and Appropriations for the Community College and Career Training Grant Program: FY2009-FY2012

RS20210: Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms: Economic, Program, and Policy Issues

Table 1. Firm TAA Authorizations and Appropriations, FY2001-2011

Table 2. Trade Adjustment Assistance, Select Program Indicators for FY2003-2010

R40206: Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers

 Table 1. TAAF Funding and Outlays by Type, FY2003-FY2011

Table 2. Certified TAAF Petitions, Fiscal Years 2004-2011

Table 3. Activity Under Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers Program, FY2003-FY2011

 Additional Tables and Figures Related to Trade Adjustment Assistance

The following additional tables and figures appear in this section of the Green Book chapter on TAA.

Table 6-1. Number of Petitions Instituted and Certified and Estimated Number of Workers Petitioning and Certified for TAA for Workers, Fiscal Years 1975-2010

Table 6-2. Total Outlays, Number of New Recipients, and Average Weekly Payments for Trade Readjustment Allowances, Fiscal Years 1975-2010

Table 6-3.  Training, Job Search, and Relocation Allowances: Outlays, Total Number of Workers, Fiscal Years 1975-2010